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Tony Ferguson: ‘Dana White privilege’ helped Michael Chandler get title shot in second UFC fight
MMA admin / 15.09.2021

He personally built a 12-fight winning streak in the lightweight division, and while he did hold an interim title at one time, the former Ultimate Fighter winner was never fortunate enough to compete for the undisputed championship.

Even UFC president Dana White had a laugh at Ferguson’s line.

Ferguson then continued to point at race as a determining factor regarding his own title aspirations, which he has seemingly left behind as he moves forward in his UFC career.

“Dana was right – he said timing is everything,” Ferguson said. “It wasn’t meant for me to have the title. I would have gave everybody a chance, right? I’m f*cking awesome. No, absolutely f*cking not.

“These guys are going to try to keep the title away from me as much as they can. I’m Mexican. It doesn’t matter if you’re color up here or not but I’m made with American parts, too, so let’s f*cking go.”

Of course, Chandler wasn’t the least bit amused after he was actually rumored to face Ferguson in his UFC debut but the fight never came together.

“These days the word deserve is a hard one to quantify,” Chandler said. “I’ve been in this sport for over a decade. 13 years in August. My resume does speak for itself. I have dismantled two former UFC champions so I love my resume. I love past. I love my ups and I love my downs.

More important than calling out Chandler or his grievances over a title shot, Ferguson just wants to get back on track after suffering losses in his past two fights in a row.

“You’ve got these two gentlemen who are fighting for a vacant title, who I had 12 fights in a row and I fought for a title but then I got stripped, right?” Ferguson said. “The other day a camera man tripped over a f*cking cord when I was giving an interview, and it was actually not funny, the funny thing is god never puts enough on our plate that we can’t handle.

“Last year, I put so much on my damn plate that he f*cking fixed me up for this year. 2021’s my b*tch.”

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