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Kevin Holland: ‘After I get this W, I can go back to being a complete assh*le’
MMA admin / 01.09.2021

Holland has been known for his busy schedule. But in light of back-to-back setbacks that were clearly the result of a gap in his grappling ability, he decided to take his foot off the gas and learn.

Before, Holland said, he’d go through wrestling drills just to get through them. Now, he’s actually trying to be a better wrestler. The incentive is obvious.

“If I fix the wrestling hole, I don’t see too many gaps [in my game],” he said. “Just get better, and everything else will work itself out.”

For a while, Holland was pretty resistant to evolving as a fighter. He saw no need to change who he was based on what other people are doing. He’s had a change of heart. But don’t expect the talking to stop, or the cockiness to disappear.

“After I get this W, I can go back to being a complete assh*le,” he joked.

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