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Cris Cyborg: ‘Ronda Rousey was more dangerous than Kayla Harrison’
MMA admin / 21.08.2021

With only one fight left on her current contract with the PFL, Harrison may soon become a highly coveted free agent, and Cyborg would love the chance to challenge her if she decides to call Belllator MMA her new home.

As dominant as Harrison has been during her fight career, Cyborg still hasn’t seen enough to make her believe that the two-time Olympic gold medalist in judo would serve as a serious threat to her.

“I was supposed to fight Ronda Rousey before and I was training for a camp,” Cyborg explained. “The first thing you train in judo is learn to fall. Because when you’re going to fight judo, maybe you’re going to fall yes, but you have to know what to do after.

While Cyborg respects that Harrison could be a dangerous opponent in some ways, there are still more than enough holes in her overall game that just haven’t been exposed yet.

“People say, ‘She’s going to take you down,’” Cyborg said. “I believe in the fight wrestling can beat judo and if she takes me down, yes but I can [take her down], too. It’s an MMA fight. I think she should care more about the striking. Because if you see a couple of her fights at what 11-0, the girls fighting her are scared of the takedown and scared to punch for takedown.

In many ways, Harrison’s decision after her next fight in October could provide a lot of clarity about her standing in the sport. If she moves onto sign with an organization like the UFC or Bellator, Cyborg expects the PFL champ to truly get tested for maybe the first time in her career.

“I hear her talk. She’s very young, I don’t know if she knows the history of MMA. She just remind me of another judo girl who comes to MMA and I just look for what’s going to happen. It’s OK. It’s nice when people really think you’re more than you are. It’s hard. I don’t like to talk about myself. I prefer the fans, people see who they think I am but maybe she thinks she’s doing the right thing.”

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