Watching a movie with friends in a theater is always the good experience for me. When you are watching a movie, you are just out of the world the only things with you is you and your favorite characters on the screen. Different people have the different mode of Entertainment such as swimming, playing outdoor games, going for the live concert for mine the best is movie watching. For my point of view, there is a misconception especially in the country like India that watching a movie is a bad habit.But in my point of opinion if you say watching an excess movie is bad habit then I will agree because the excess of everything is bad. For me, a movie is always a source of inspiration and a medium to get stressed free.

10 Benefits of Watching a Movie

Benefits of watching movies

Today I will tell you about the ten benefits of watching movie

1 Health benefits-

It is the little bit odd to hear that by watching movies you can gain health, yeah you can, I am mentioning here what are the heath benefits of watching a movie.Now a day everyone is running in an invisible race to earn more money, fame, and blah.In this so-called success race, we always compromise with our health. Depression is the most common problem almost every individual is facing no matter what is age or gender.student are going in depression due to a concern of their results career, future.Similarly, office goers are in depression due to the office work pressure and sometimes the family issue.In simple words, we can say we all are carrying tons of stress every day which results in Depression, uncertain blood pressure, diabetes heart attack any much more. As per my experience, the best way to release stress is go for a hangout or movie.Especially a light-hearted comedy movie.As we all knows comedy movie are full of jokes acts which definitely make you laugh and once you laugh you release your stress.

2 Awareness-

From the very begin, lots of movies are made on different issues such as social problem, health issue, cultural issues and much more.There are movies made on social issues which are very much pertinent to our society. Movies on matters such as dowry, caste system, honor killing and socio-economic divide often help create the needed awareness about the issues. They arouse the long gone conscience in people when they see individuals going through such difficult situations even if it is on screen.You might have watched a Bollywood movie Named “Tare Zameen Par” which is a story of the tormented life at school and at home of a child with dyslexia and his eventual success after his artistic talents were discovered by his art teacher at the boarding school. Before watching this, I never had heard about dyslexia.If all confused with dyslexia symptoms with the mental disorder in simple word madness.

3 Source of Inspiration-

Movies are the great source of inspiration.It is scincetificaly proven that we human being catch video messages very fast as compare to any source such as written and the audio.The combination of both audio and video are the best to the source to gain attention, and such types of messages last for a ver very long time in our mind.The movies made on Biopic of legend or history inspired us a lot.

4 Improves Skills-

It will develop your artistic skill and also develop your attitude. Watching some science fiction flicks it helps in improving your knowledge.Documentary films from some directors are the best way to find the unknown facts abt the world.Humour in the movies are good to develop urself in health wise and don’t ever think watching movies is a mere waste of time.

5. Helping you to learn foreign language and culture-

If you want to learn a foreign language, the best practice is to watch the movie of that particular languages.As I mentioned above information in audio-video (av) from last for very long in our memory.You can also learn there ethic and practices through the movies. You probably don’t know about the culture of Bihar but you can see it in Bhojpuri Movies.

6 A Perfect Timepass-

If you are alone or bored with your work and worried about what to do in spare time? How to pass the time? Yes, you can go for watching a movie. It would be the best option along with using Facebook or calling you friends. When you go for the movie, you see lots of new things and people which will certainly entertain you.The movie is always considered as the best time option.It is not necessary to go to the theater you can watch a movie on your smartphone, laptop, and televisions.

7 Movies stir our imaginations-

The stir our imaginations especially a science fiction movies tells us a story beyond our imagination and after watching that lots of creativity developed in our mind.The man on Mars first off all this concept or invention comes in a movie. Similarly, there are lots of examples.

8 Best choice to go for a date-

On the off chance that you are going out on the town with your better half or boyfriend, girlfriend, going for viewing a film is the best decision. You will stay together with each other around 2 to 3 hours, and at the film, you will be more secure than in any open place.

9 Thrilling experience-

Movies give you thrilling experiences now a day the 3D movies are in demand which makes you fill like a real world within cinema.which in result energize you.

10 Entertainment-

Last but not the least the main motto of movies is to entertain the audience .movies is always the best source of entertainment. Movies make you cry and laugh .the most important thing about a movie is, it entertains you irrespective of your social strata.


As we all know that every coin has two faces similarly the movies have also two faces, but it depends on us who are audience what we want to take home from the movie.Movies never forced to do a bad or good thing we do the acts.So be positive always try to gain good this from everything no matter it is movies or anything else.

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